Expand Your Leadership Potential and Become the Changemaker in Your Organization

Executive coaching and leadership development training at all levels

Does this sound like you?

I’m a visionary Entrepreneur, VP, or senior manager

who wants to amplify self-awareness and needs a second pair of eyes to lead the change in my organization with the right strategy.

I’m a driven mid-level leader

who is ready to unlock their next level of growth. I want to polish my leadership skills and bridge knowledge gaps in Agile and product management.

For Entrepreneurs, VPs & Organizational Leaders

Personalized 1:1 Executive Coaching
(5-month program)

You gave your best and worked your way up; however, the little voice in your head questions everything. Leading is not easy. Though it gets better with the right guide and partner in strategy. 

Whether you want to up your “inner game”  (dealing with doubt, perfectionism, overcoming challenges, taking risks confidently) or build communication and EI (emotional intelligence) skills, we’re here to coach you for impact.

If you are transitioning from a middle manager to a director level or higher or if you are an entrepreneur who is scaling their business, you might:

  • Find yourself stuck in day-to-day operations and execution without having an opportunity to dive out, think and strategize
  • Keep your “specialist” hat from the previous role and find yourself micromanaging your experts rather than focusing on raising and inspiring them
  •  Seek for stability and control and, as a result, play safe without leaving your comfort zone, which leads to a lack of experimentation and eventually a tunnel vision
  • Find yourself disconnected from individual projects and feeling a loss of control


If at least one of the above resonated with you, you need us!

Your old proven methods would never work in your new role or scaled environment. You might be an expert in using a physical calculator, but when you upgrade to an accounting tool, your previous skills are useless, so you need to gain new ones asap. You know that as long you wait, the more troubles you will have.

The same with transitioning to a new role or scaling your business. As longer you try to apply obsolete skills as harder you hit your business results.


How we will support you in your success journey:

While working together, you will:

  • Get a flexible approach and customization of our coaching methods, tools & frameworks to YOUR case and situation
  • Have a plan for your leadership development and business strategy
  • Be able to transition from being a tactical executor to a strategic visionary
  • Learn the difference between KPIs (key performance indicators) and OKRs (objective key results)
  • Find how to keep connected with individual projects and feel the pulse of your growing business
  • Learn about business forecasting and risk mitigation
  • …and so much more.


After working together, you will:

  • Be able to step into authority without compromising your personality and own it
  • Develop strategic thinking, decision-making, motivational leadership, and speaking skills
  • Transform your vision into a profitable product, operational excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Be able to set up your organizational OKRs (objective key results)
  • Navigate adversity and ambiguity
  • Navigate conflicts with confidence
  • Convey the North Star and organizational strategy to your employees
  • Amplify your EI and facilitate innovation by welcoming multiple perspectives
  • Identify gaps and take proactive steps to refresh or formulate a new business strategy
  • Lead with poise and gravitas when presenting new ideas and strategy
  • Know how to coach promising managers into impactful leaders
  • Know how to hire and attract new talent and define roles and responsibilities
  • Increase the efficiency and bottom line of your organization…and so much more.

Up to 3h/month of 1:1 coaching

Up to 10h/month of email/chat consultation

Personalized assignments for integration

Initial assessment & end of program growth report

+ up to 10h/month of Brainstorming sessions & Workshops on organizational roadmap and development strategy

Your monthly investment: $1997

For mid-level leaders

Bee Agile Career Intensives
(3 half days)

Our intensives are role-specific training for dynamic leaders who want to translate the concept of business agility into ROI-focused actions. 

After these Intensives, you will be able to:

      • Understand the potential and limitations of Agile and how to customize it for an organization or project
      • Stay up to date on the latest tools
      • Lead projects to completion and enhance customer satisfaction by facilitating better communication and collaboration

Agile Scrum Master Accelerator


The Agile Accelerator Program is a 12 hours (3 half days) course designed to support aspiring Scrum Masters and IT Leaders to kickstart their careers, get their dream jobs, and be successful in their careers through a proven methodology.

What we’ll cover:

  1. Methodology, Agile Manifesto, Agile values, and Principles
  2. Main Agile frameworks: Scrum & Kanban
  3. Scrum in real life: Scrum Events in Practice from a Scrum Master view
  4. Epics, Tasks, Bugs; User Stories writing and  Estimation
  5. How to lead Large and Small teams efficiently 
  6. Dealing with Uncooperative and Scrum Team members and Difficult Stakeholders
  7. Facilitation techniques. Icebreakers & Retro Ideas.
  8. Scrum Master as a Coach: Powerful questions
  9. Most common tools: Overview
  10. How to get a Scrum Master Job
  11. Agile Certifications review

Product Owner Accelerator


The Product Owner Accelerator Program is a 12 hours (3 half days) course designed to support aspiring Product Owners and IT Leaders to kickstart their careers, get their dream jobs, and be successful in their careers through a proven methodology.

What we’ll cover:

  1. What is a Product?
  2. User Requirements
  3. Agile. Scrum. Kanban overview
  4. Epics, Tasks, Bugs; User Stories writing and  Estimation
  5. Objective Key Results. Roadmap planning
  6. Story Mapping
  7. Dealing with Uncooperative and Difficult Scrum Team members and Stakeholders
  8. Product Owner as a link between business and tech: the power of powerful questions 
  9. Scrum in real life: Scrum Events from a Product Owner side in Practice
  10. Most common tools: Overview
  11. How to get a PO Job
  12. Agile Certifications review

Duration: 3 half-days
Investment: $997

Bee Agile Bootcamps
(4.5 hour session) 

Get a quick infusion of clarity and confidence with boot camps designed to bridge knowledge gaps and boost leadership skills.  

After these boot camps, you will be able to: 

      • Facilitate collaboration without friction in your team and across departments
      • Develop emotional intelligence and learn how to boost morale and efficiency
      • Deal with conflict, disagreements, and challenges respectfully and calmly
      • Communicate better one-on-one and in groups, so you can share your expert opinions with confidence and clarity 

Leadership Through Facilitation

Facilitation skills are the best-kept secret for all organizational leaders. In this boot camp, you’ll discover when to be directive, when to scale back and allow autonomy, and how to get things done by setting clear expectations.

Bootcamp Modules:

  1. The role of the facilitator: Know the responsibilities of a facilitator and the steps of facilitation
  2. Leadership Styles: Identify your core competencies to lead group facilitation
  3. Know how to facilitate successful group discussions and challenges: what to do before, during, and after meetings
  4. Guide groups to high levels of achievement – powerful questions
  5. Improve your effectiveness and confidence as a group leader by learning how to work with challenging participants

    4.5 hours
    Investment: $299
Bootcamp - Conflict Coaching Skills

Conflict Management Techniques for Project Managers and Leaders


Learn how to resolve conflicts fairly and efficiently so everyone can stay in their lane and achieve their goals.

Bootcamp Modules:

  1. How to identify the characteristics of a Successful Conflict Manager, and how to stay calm when you feel that the conversation has turned in the wrong direction;
  2. How to use active listening skills when dealing with conflict
  3. Five levels of Conflict Resolution
  4. Coaching techniques on supporting individuals to self-manage their conflicts and ultimately to engage in the solutions that are more likely to succeed.
  5. Tips and Tricks to become confident even if you don’t feel so

Duration: 4.5 hours
Investment: $299

User Story Writing and Estimation Mastery


A practical step-by-step guide to User Story Writing, Splitting, Mapping, Prioritizing, and Estimating.

Bootcamp Modules:

  1. Introducing User Stories
  2. A User Story acceptance criteria
  3. Write stories with INVEST and 3Cs
  4. Why split a User Story. Splitting Techniques
  5. Why estimate a User Story. Estimation Techniques
  6. User Story Mapping & Prioritizing
  7. Common Challenges

Duration: 4.5 hours
Investment: $299

Storytelling for Business

When it comes to making a meaningful connection with other people, nothing compares to your personal stories. But how can you master telling compelling stories?
Be heard, be remembered, and create the change you wish to see in your career with dynamic and inspiring storytelling.

Bootcamp Modules:

  1. Business audience: what stories do they want to hear
  2. How to prepare in advance and adjust your presentation to your audience’s type
  3. How to structure a narrative arc for maximum impact
  4. How to deliver a story so it’s compelling
  5. How to read your audience, pivot and adjust your story during the presentation

Duration: 4.5 hours
Investment: $299

Agile & Scrum in Practice

Comprehensive scrum events training with real-life examples of Scrum Ceremonies and how to facilitate them.

Bootcamp Modules:

  1. Introduction to Scrum Events
  2. Daily Standup, Daily Scrum Challenges; Daily Scrum Master Challenges
  3. Why do we need a Refinement meeting, and how to make it productive?
  4. What is required for a Sprint Review & Demo meeting, and how to prepare for it
  5. Retrospective:  Why do many hate it and how to run it successfully ?
  6. Tips & Tricks from an experienced Scrum Master
  7. Most common tools: Overview

Duration: 4.5 hours
Investment: $299

Focused, practical, and hands-on:

These Boot Camps and Career Intensives are the shortcuts that give you a leg up on your competition

After each boot camp and intensive training, you’ll have 20 min FREE discovery call where you can discuss further strategy.


  • All participants receive a Bee Agile certificate – great for showing off your new skills on LinkedIn and your resume
  • A workbook with practical exercises
  • You also get a free copy of Aina’s book: “It Starts with You: 40 letters to my younger self to navigate the corporate world.” Hit the ground running with actionable tips on building your personal brand, curating your network, and owning every room you walk into while staying true to who you are.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Aina, and like you, I had my doubts about whether I was meant to be a leader…

And just like you, I wanted it more than anything else. 

So how did an introverted, immigrant woman find herself in a leadership role in the tech world, start her own consultancy business, and work with revolutionary organizations like NASA?

By being open to growth, creating a positive work environment, consistently meeting my client’s expectations, and having the courage to actively ask for feedback as well as implement it. 

Yes, I have years in the game and all the professional credentials – an Engineering degree, MBA in Technology, as well as PMP, PSM, PMI-ACP, Kanban, and SAFe certifications. 

But I really lead with my intuitive understanding of people and cultures. 

Over the past few years, my life has always been about fitting in while standing out: after moving to Canada from Ukraine with no friends or family and pivoting my career five times!

It’s safe to say I know a thing or two about being open to changes, dealing with transitions, and rolling with the punches. 

Incidentally, that’s what leadership is about – and I want to empower you to master these skills. 

Are you ready to level up?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true - can introverts be impactful leaders?

Leadership isn’t about being the loudest person in the room. Impactful leaders know how to lead with intuition, unite people under a common mission and vision, keep morale high, and de-escalate conflicts while regulating their own emotions. These are skills that anyone can learn – even introverts.

Is there a payment plan for the 1:1 executive coaching program?

The executive coaching program is a 5-month commitment with a total investment of $9985, and you have the option to pay $1997 monthly.

After the 5 months are over, we can continue to work together on a needs-based monthly basis at $1997 per month. 

How long will I have access to the Boot Camp/Career Intensive content?

You will have access to the Boot Camp/Career Intensive materials for the next 30 days.

You will also have FREE access to the  Bee Agile Library for the next 30 days. 

After the 5 months are over, we can continue to work together on a needs-based monthly basis at $1997 per month. 

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about attending the Boot Camp/Career Intensive?

Yes, however, you need to inform us 30 days before the boot camp to receive a 75% refund and at least 48 hours before the event to receive a 50% refund.


If you don’t show up live and send a refund request after the event, we cannot offer a refund.

Can I get a replay of the Boot Camp/Career Intensive if I can’t show up live?

We don’t record the sessions, and the training is held live.

If you don’t show up live and send a refund request after the event, we cannot offer a refund.

After the 5 months are over, we can continue to work together on a needs-based monthly basis at $1997 per month. 

You have everything it takes to be a changemaker. Let’s bring it to the surface


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