Implementing Agile that Works for Your Organization

Transform the way your organization thinks, works, and collaborates to ensure customer satisfaction consistently through white-glove Agile Consulting, focused Leadership Boot Camps, and Role-specific Career Intensives

It’s true: your company has a great client roster, innovative ideas, and smart and dedicated humans who want to do their best

Agile can be win-win for you: Great in theory, even better in practice

Boost Efficiency

Coach your leaders to strategize, improve their processes continuously and anticipate and mitigate roadblocks so that their people can focus on daily tasks without distraction.

Empower Your Teams

Create a high-trust environment where everyone has clarity and prioritizes excellence to create a product with a competitive advantage. 

Streamline Collaboration

Reduce communication gaps between teams and departments through tools that empower them to share progress and ask for feedback efficiently. 

Reduce Risks

Design visibility and feedback loops that promote iterative, risk-free progress without micromanagement and allow you to design and deliver customer-focused solutions in less time.

Increase ROI

When Agile is implemented with a “leader in each chair” approach, your people stay motivated, proactive, and open to game-changing ideas. This ensures your organization gets more from each resource – without having to pay the expensive costs of burnout and attrition. 

Adaptive, Organization-wide Agile Transformation by Bee Agile


Diagnose problems with a 360-degree holistic approach

We speak to leaders and team members to identify core areas of transformation. Involving all stakeholders reduces resistance to Agile adoption and expedites implementation.

Adapt the right framework

Next, we adapt the Agile framework that works for your organization or project. This sets clear expectations and takes teams to the finish line without overwhelm or delays. 

Create OKRs and share a roadmap to sustain the change

A roadmap to sustain the change and customized training materials is an integral part of our handover process and ensures you can onboard new employees without calling on external consultants.

Implement with empathy, efficiency, and excellence

Implementation involves introducing leaders and teams to the new way of working and thinking and new tools, coaching them through mindset and technical setbacks, and refining the process through collective feedback. 

Bee Agile Intensives

Our Agile Intensives are customized for your organization and emerging leaders to upgrade key skills quickly and deliver excellence in their new roles.

    Agile Teams Accelerator Program

    (getting your team onboard with Agile)

    The Agile Accelerator Program is a 12-hour (3 half days) Intensive designed individually for each organization to support your teams on their first step to the Agile journey through a proven methodology.

    What we’ll cover:

    1. Introduction to Agile: Evolution of Agile Methodology, Agile Manifesto, Agile values, and Principles
    2. What is Scrum: Scrum Principles and Values. Framework. Artifacts. Accountabilities.
    3. Scrum Framework
    4. Scrum Teams
    5. Epics, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Spikes. User Story Estimation – Fibonacci sequence
    6. Scrum vs. Kanban
    7. Scrum in real life: Scrum Events in Practice
    8. Tuckman Model for team formation
    9. Most common tools: Overview

    Product Owner Accelerator Program

    The Product Owner Accelerator Program is a 12-hour (3 half days) Career Intensive designed individually for each organization to support your Product Owners in their new roles and be successful in their careers through a proven methodology.

    What we’ll cover:

    1. What is a Product?
    2. User Requirements
    3. Agile. Scrum. Kanban overview
    4. Epics, Tasks, Bugs; User Stories writing and Estimation
    5. Objective Key Results. Roadmap planning
    6. Story Mapping
    7. Dealing with Uncooperative and Difficult Scrum Team members and Stakeholders
    8. Product Owner as a link between business and tech: the power of powerful questions
    9. Scrum in real life: Scrum Events from a Product Owner side in Practice
    10. Most common tools: Overview
    11. Agile PO Certifications review

    Scrum Master Accelerator Program

    The Scrum Master Accelerator Program is a 12-hour (3 half days) Career Intensive designed individually for each organization to support your Scrum Masters and IT Leaders in their new roles and be successful in their careers through a proven methodology

    What we’ll cover:

    1. Agile Overview: Evolution of Agile Methodology, Agile Manifesto, Agile values, and Principles
    2. Main Agile frameworks: Scrum & Kanban
    3. Scrum in real life: Scrum Events in Practice from a Scrum Master view
    4. Epics, Tasks, Bugs; User Stories writing and Estimation
    5. How to lead Large and Small teams efficiently
    6. Dealing with Uncooperative and Scrum Team members and Difficult Stakeholders
    7. Facilitation techniques. Icebreakers & Retro Ideas.
    8. Scrum Master as a Coach: Powerful questions
    9. Most common tools: Overview

    Duration: 3 half days

    Bee Agile Bootcamps

    Invite team members and leaders to go deeper on a specific topic in these short, customized boot camps that have a long-term impact on organizational growth and customer satisfaction.

      Agile & Scrum Foundation

      Understand the difference between the two most popular development frameworks, their potential to boost efficiency, and their limitations to build autonomous teams that meet deadlines. This boot camp is ideal for managers, team leaders, and operations personnel who are both doers and thinkers.

      Bootcamp Modules:

      1. What is Agile: Evolution of Agile Methodology,
      2. Agile Manifesto, Agile values, and Principles
      3. What is Scrum: Scrum Principles and Values
      4. Scrum Framework
      5. Scrum Artifacts
      6. Scrum Accountabilities
      7. Scrum Events
      8. Scrum Team
      9. Scrum vs. Kanban
      10. Most common tools: Overview
      11. Scrum Certifications review

      Duration: 3.5 hours

      User Story Writing and Estimation Mastery

      A practical step-by-step specifically designed for your organization guide to User Story Writing, Splitting, Mapping, Prioritizing, and Estimating

      Bootcamp Modules:

      1. Introducing User Stories
      2. A User Story acceptance criteria
      3. Write User Stories with INVEST and 3Cs
      4. Why split a User Story. Splitting Techniques
      5. Why estimate a User Story. Estimation Techniques
      6. User Story Mapping & Prioritizing
      7. Common Challenges

      Duration: 3.5 hours

      Leadership through Facilitation

      Facilitation skills are the best-kept secret for all organizational leaders. In this boot camp, managers and team leaders will discover when to be directive, when to scale back and allow autonomy, and how to get things done by setting clear expectations. The boot camp can also be attended by operations personnel who are self-starters with leadership skills.

      Bootcamp Modules:

      1. The role of facilitator: Know the responsibilities of a facilitator and the steps of facilitation
      2. Leadership Styles: Identify your core competencies to lead group facilitation
      3. Know how to facilitate successful group discussions and challenges: what to do before, during, and after meetings
      4. Guide groups to high levels of achievement – powerful questions
      5. Improve your effectiveness and confidence as a group leader by learning how to work with challenging participantsDuration: 3.5 hours

      Conflict Coaching Skills

      This boot camp is for both leaders and team members who value a fair and efficient way of conflict resolution so that everyone can stay in their lane and achieve their goals. Effective conflict management strategies also help leaders improve collaboration and productivity and boost morale in the organization and teams.

      Bootcamp Modules:

      1. How to identify the characteristics of a Conflict Manager and how to stay calm when you feel that the conversation turned in the wrong direction
      2. How to use active listening skills when dealing with conflict
      3. How to identify the difference between Lively Negotiation, Brainstorming and Heated Conflict
      4. Five levels of Conflict Resolution
      5. Tips and Tricks to become confident even if you don’t feel so

      Duration: 3.5 hours

      Agile Kanban Foundation

      In this individually designed course, we will overview the Kanban framework and learn how to visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency (or flow) by using a Kanban board.

      Bootcamp Modules:

      1. Introduction to Kanban & Kanban Board
        Lean Principles
      2. How to find inefficiencies in the Process
      3. Limiting Work in Progress
      4. Learn your Enterprise: Mapping Value Stream; Kanban Wall – Pull System
      5. Cumulative flow diagram (CFD)

      Duration: 3.5 hours

      Storytelling for Business

      When making a meaningful connection with others, nothing compares to your personal stories. But how can you master telling compelling stories?
      Be heard, be remembered, and create the change you wish to see in your career with dynamic and inspiring storytelling.

      Bootcamp Modules

      1. Business audience: what stories they want to hear
      2. How to prepare in advance and adjust your presentation to your audience’s type
      3. How to structure a narrative arc for maximum impact
      4. How to deliver a story so it’s compelling
      5. How to read your audience, pivot and adjust your story during the presentation

      Duration: 3.5 hours

      All boot camp attendees are awarded a certificate for their commitment to becoming better leaders and innovators. 

      A note from our Founder & Chief Consultant

      Bee Agile can bridge the gap between reality and possibility

      Hi, I’m Aina Alive, and we care about getting the right results for you. That’s why our approach is diagnostic and integration-focused.

      Before creating your framework, we consider how Agile will fit into your company’s culture, industry regulations and standards, and your vision and high-level goals. 

      We know you’re not just about following trends, and we equip you to create Agile transformations that are lasting and scalable. 

      Frequently asked questions

      What others have been asking

      1. What are your travel conditions for on-site Agile transformations?

      My team and I are open to traveling so we can personally assist your organization in the diagnostic and framework creation phases. The latter part of the process is hybrid: part on-site (needs-based) and part virtual. 

      2. How soon can our organization become Agile?

      Implementing Agile isn’t simply about teaching your leaders and teams a few tools. At Bee Agile, we start with a culture and mindset shift and ease everyone into the process, gathering feedback at every phase. This makes the transformation more sustainable and usually takes six months to a year, depending on your readiness indicators and individual pace of adoption. 

      3. How are the boot camps delivered?

      The boot camps can be delivered virtually or onsite, depending on your needs.

      4. What’s the difference between an Agile consultant and a Scrum Master?

      A Scrum Master is dedicated to 1-2 teams and plays a servant leadership role in monitoring the pulse of the team.

      As Agile consultants, we see the organization as a whole – not just on a team level. We can zoom in and out as required, formulate strategy, coach on mindset, and guide organizations on choosing Agile frameworks that work for them. 


      Make Agile count for your organization

      Being customer-focused, profit-focused, and employee-focused don’t have to be at odds with each other.