It starts with you!

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Position yourself as the expert who deserves to claim a seat at any table.

Practical. Audacious. Heartwarming

How did an introverted immigrant woman find herself in a leadership role in the tech world, start her own consultancy business, and work with revolutionary organizations like NASA?

In this book, Aina Alive shares jewels from her journey that will help you:

  • Build your personal brand in alignment with your skills and career goals
  • Spark meaningful conversations with people in your industry by being confident and authentic
  • Overcome shyness and ask for what you need to finish a task or land new opportunities
  • Expand your professional network meaningfully
  • Land mentorship opportunities that are win-win for you and your mentor
  • Create an all-star resume to attract the right recruiters
  • Apply for and get your dream job without spinning your wheels or being distracted by choices
  • Negotiate your salary without feeling guilty or unworthy
  • Develop emotional intelligence and become a better leader

Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs!

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Building Your Brand

Jewel: Social media is your second workplace, not a messy closet.

Making the Ask

Jewel: Social media is your second workplace, not a messy closet.

On Negotiating Like a Pro

Jewel: Think beyond the paycheck.

Building Confidence,
Taking Ownership

Jewel: Business is not about being good or bad. It is about being persistent. 

Cultivating a
Growth Mindset

Jewel: The last question should always be: Would I trust myself from one week ago to run my current life? Or one month ago? Six months ago? Or one year ago?

and Memberships

Jewel: Explain WHY you are worth their time and open space for their offer.

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